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A WOMAN by – Erinda Medolli

A woman for you is a precious treasure,
You throw her dirt, but her worth has no price.
She’s honey in veins even on pressure,
She’s compared to the Spring and Paradise.

She is a diamond, she’s strong enough.
Even if hit, she would never crumble.
She gives sans receiving and knows to laugh.
Poisoned by the world, she remains humble.

She brings forth life, she can revive,
Each time she falls or feels much pain.
Though she might be, so small a bud,
Surely in Spring she blooms again


Blessed is he who stands by her,
Smelling her petals, in fragrance to dive!
For she’s a pearl that God has made,
Blessed who’s praised and kept her alive!
Ne’er leaving her to fall apart.

Translation from Albanian into English
By Alfred Kola


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