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The Spanish newspaper “AS” “nails” Benzema, the French striker is evaluated with zero grade in “El Clasico”

Kessie’s goal in the last moments of the challenge punished Real Madrid who lose in “El Clasico” against Barcelona and, in all likelihood, La Liga as well who takes the road to Catalonia.

The difference between Xavi and Ancelotti’s team is no less than 12 points and one of the most criticized players after the match was Karim Benzema. The Frenchman, the reigning Ballon d’Or winner, was the target of heavy criticism from the Spanish press, especially from the newspaper “AS” which humiliated him with an unbelievable grade.

The French striker is a distant relative of the player who only a year ago drew Real to La Liga and above all to the Champions League. The dark performance at Camp Nou gave the Frenchman a very negative grade, at least from “AS”. An incredible grade 0 in the report of the Iberian newspaper, which comments on the performance of the number 9 of “Los Blancos” like this:


Nine balls lost, zero played. Invisible again, he does nothing at all. He can’t get the ball or find his foot in the box. He is a thousand leagues away from the player who won the Ballon d’Or. We see it without rhythm, slow. If Real Madrid find their striker again, they will have a treasure, but they have waited too long for this day.”

“AS” did not spare Modric, giving him a grade of 2, but neither did Carvajal, Valverde and Mendy with a grade of 3. The best player of the match for Real yesterday evening according to “AS” was Courtois, rated with a grade of 9 .


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