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Keanu Reeves wasn’t the first choice for “Matrix,” another famous actor turned down the role

The film “Matrix” is one of the most famous sci-fi films of all time, starring Keanu Reeves.

But Reeves wasn’t actually the first choice for the role of Neo that made him famous. The famous exclusivity has become increasingly complex over time, building an entire history of humanity’s downfall and how artificial intelligence could exploit the human race by simulating reality.

However, the role was supposed to go to Brad Pitt. During the nineties, he often chose interesting roles.

He even knew how to take risks, earning his first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the film “Twelve M onkeys,” released in 1995. Although Brad often took risks with his role choices at the time, he still refused to act in “The Matrix.”


However, not playing in “Matrix” did not have a significant negative impact on his career as he also appeared in another classic of the same year, “Fight Club” by David Fincher.

Like “The Matrix,” “Fight Club” was able to use Pitt’s star power to engage the audience in more complex cultural commentary about the destructive nature of consumerism, the cult of violent behavior, and the consequences of toxic masculinity.

Pitt once joked that “Matrix” wasn’t the only cinematic masterpiece in which he was offered the opportunity to act.

Interestingly, Will Smith was also considered for the role of Neo, as he had already achieved great success in sci-fi films, namely “Men in Black” and “Independence Day.”

However, Smith thought he would ruin the role himself and for this reason did not want to act in a famous film.


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