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Source of white Drini Peja Kosovo

Drini i Bardhë Waterfall is a natural beauty and one of the most important springs of Kosovo located in the village of Radavc, Peja.

“Drini i Bardhë Waterfall” is a natural beauty and tourist attraction of the municipality of Peja. It is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Kosovo, which is visited by tourists all year round. The Drini i Bardhë spring is one of the most important springs in Kosovo and one of the springs that supplies the city of Peja with drinking water.

It originates from the Rusolia mountain range, from the well of the Radac cave at an altitude of 586 m. The spring also creates the beautiful Drini waterfall in length of 30m. In the territory of Kosovo – Drini i Bardhë winds for 122km in a north-south direction. It also collects the waters of Lumbardh of Peja, Erenik and Lumbardh of Prizren.


With a size of 4646 km2 and the Drini basin is the largest of the 4 watersheds in Kosovo. Access to the spring can be done from two sides: where one side leads from the road of the hydropower plant or restaurant “Drini Waterfall” to then follow the pedestrian path along the beauty of the river Drini i Bardhë in length up to 400m, and access next to the restaurant “Trofta e Drinit” where you can drive to the path to continue walking to the waterfall.


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