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Dra Jeannete Eureka Tiburcio History, Art and Culture, Producer of Cabina 11 Global Channel, Word Secretary of the Uhe. She is Deputy President of AMLHAC, she is a universal Peace Ambassador of the Universal Peace Circle of Switzerland and France, a Peace Ambassador of the Paccis nuntiis movement, and General Director of the University Corporate Intelligence Educa Campus Querétaro. Founding Partner of the network of global leaders. Academic of good letters from Madrid. Coordinator International Festival for women in letters Ang Unam. Director FAMUNDO – FAPP MEXICO.

Dra Jeannete Eureka Tiburcio Presidente Founder
Mil Mentes Por Mexico Association International


Exotic, invasive
Old World Pigeon

Tamed and wild

Camouflaged in cement.

Every day you look for food

You settle for crumbs

And lattices already damaged,

For your inheritance to save

Guaranteeing your home,

Not remembering your lineage

And push to fly.

To spare, you win battles

You dream of freedom

But the wings can’t reach you

And so you stay anchored

In the jungles of the asphalt

Incinerating heat,

And the cold of death.

Where do pigeons fly

Yes, the wings have been damaged

And they bring examples of rats

And they’re looking in sewers

Food and freedom?

Where do pigeons go?

If they are not white?

 And so were two titans,

Putting the pieces together,

Petting snakes

Growing black spiders.

And Hades says to Cronus:          

“Mr. Father, you have heard

That are not White Doves

And the rumor has already spread:

They don’t bring messages, they’re pests,

They reproduce with enthusiasm,

litter the holy streets,

They announce the curse!
“Go all to the running of the bulls!”

-And if the confinement is not enough?

-Food for the dog!

“But Father, Dog is already dead…”

  • Then, (he said hesitantly), cut off their breathing, poison their food, let them have a lesson, so that they cannot forget
    And they will fly away, fearful, as long as they can inhale.

 “Are you sure of this?”



  • What if in slaughter, of these flying rats, time stands still and Zeus discovers your position?                                                                             
    Glimpsing that you haven’t died yet?

 There is a silence…                                                           Minutes later, maybe three ours, or 100 years…
says the Titan:

-IGot it!                                                                                                                                                                          

Blame it on the bats, they’re worse than the Columbas and everyone is afraid of them!

 – So be it, my Lord, it is done!

After a few minutes, maybe days, or centuries…

 The rumor was sown

In a bat broth

Combined with rice,

Topped in soy sauce

The enemy was crowned
Invisible to many.

The columbas couldn’t breathe

The Die-Off Began

It turned into extermination

The columbas didn’t come out

There were very few flights to be seen,

Lime was no longer used

For alone they died

They stopped breathing

The Derivative Scenes

Victories for Titans,

The plague was exterminated

The threat, of the one who suffers

The one who soils, the one who alters

Of the one who flies, of the one who dreams

From the one who can wake up…

But a dead man can’t dream,

But dreams can die

From the one who has already learned to fly,

And on the lines of control

This adds up to a success.

Over the course of a few days,

Everybody’s changed

The lattices were not enough

To hide the bodies well

In death… exponential

Logarithmic was fear.

-Plague of the air, black bat-… Pointing

“It wasn’t the bats, it was the Columbas.”

Said those who swelled with pride at the

Have confidential information,

-It all started with the bad southers…

Bearers of evil,” they said

“Dark Southerners, doom,” the Titans pointed out.

But the Pigeons went from brave to stripped

And it’s not just the columbas,

It all started there, followed by the white doves

No one could believe it

After White’s death,

The parrots got sick,

Parrots, turtle doves, black pigeons

Also herons, flies, eagles…

Then the mice and the rats,

The only untouchables were the hummingbirds,

bed bugs and cockroaches.

And suddenly the earth shook again,

And the heavens fell, the seas were mixed,

Atlas had let go of the earth, with all that had happened

A severe depression came over him,

His arms did not answer the call of the mind,

He was sent to be vaccinated from Olympus,

Today he walks lost and with difficulty.

To have carried the world so long

It’s no use today

for in their place are tidal waves, tsunamis,

floods and earthquakes,

Nights are days today

And the days don’t end

Atlas could not go on because his mind went astray

“It was the vaccine,” they said.

A long time carrying the world, and it hasn’t done any good,

Time froze and the only constant is that nothing changes…

The experts of Olympus announced.

“Father, my Lord, I believe that Zeus has suspicions.

“But how are you going to find out?”

“Father, the White Doves are also dead…”


this has been your business…

“So don’t go out with it.

“Well, Father, we had to divert our attention, but Zeus already suspects
Ever since Atlas let go of the world, and entered into a disorder within his mind, the lady who accompanies Hera well said to me,                                 That your name resounded, the corners of Olympus.


 “Well, we’re already starting, and you know I don’t leave anything halfway…” I’m not in a hurry.

 “I know, my Lord, I know it, beloved Father, and we will give them a break, let the doves remain
return to the asphalt, then experience the apparent freedom,                                                                              And nothing will ever be the same, some even today can’t fly anymore                                                                                           
They only walk halfway, with their legs already damaged, they jump, jump, jump, jump, but with difficulty…                                                                                                                            
Few of them are left and even today they don’t even lay eggs…
So I have a feeling that it has all been worth it.

“Listen carefully, son Hades… 
No matter
how long it takes, the mission will hit the finish line, let’s let them be confident…                                                                                                                                         His mind is already damaged, his confidence destroyed and where there was hope,                                                                                    

Today only fear grows, the root of insecurity has been sown deep inside, sick and the columbas…                                                                                              with damaged offspring in their DNA is fear.                                                                                                            For now, let’s get away from the eye of Zeus.

– So we will do it, Father, so be it, so be it, so be it, so we shall do it.

Prepared by Angela Kosta

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