Friday, September 22, 2023
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“If Naples wins the championship, I will…”/ The Italian presenter “enrages” the Neapolitans, here’s what she says about Wanda, Dileta and Ilari!

Italian presenter Marika Fruscio is a crazy Napoli fan. In a statement to “Sportpaper” she said that she will do something if her team wins the championship.

I don’t know what yet, but I will definitely do something. I will think about it (laughs)”.

What do you think about Uanda Nara, Dileta Leota and Ilari Blasi?

“I think some ladies, if you took their purses away and made them sit around the table with the big football heads, they would make a very bad impression. Everyone should do the things they are capable of doing, the world of football is not for everyone. You have to know how to study matches, but above all you have to know how to stand up if you want to and be really competitive in this sector. With the file in front, everyone is able to do what they do,” she concluded.


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