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Poem by Mohammad Rahal

The morning is different from the signs of your gap
Whenever she smiles good news

The full moon obscures how your light shines
Glory be to Him who challenges me to Your Almighty God

The night calls from the black eyeliner of your labia
Kahil Hajaki, Ramkat Ain Bird

Roses are different from the smells of your perfume
Nassum Fah Rabe Al Abeer perfume

You are ashamed of your hair braids
Your hair is spikes of silk threads

Wine is poured from your lips
Your wine is pure honey by distillation

And the mind wanders in the charms of your magic
My hawk flutters without wings to fly

And the heart beats with your love and protection
There is no way he could forget what happened


And the description cannot answer your news
Meanings disappear, expressions disappear

I would like us to understand the hieroglyphs of your secret
Oh beautiful heart, I am not an expert

I would like to know how old you are
Oh, you scavenger of people, big and small

Whenever they see, blow the scent of your flower
You withhold the beauty from your beauty and it changes

Let us move between the embers of the fire of embers
Where are the virgins, what has changed?

A famous poet with whom your news spreads
Sabi Club for many virgins


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