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Poem by Dritëro Agolli

Simple, but Useful Things

A cane, be it smooth, be it bumpy and knotty,
Some use for a blind man it always accords,
It’s good for the lame, burdened down by their journey,
And handy for folk when attacked by the hordes.

A cane, be it smooth, be it bumpy and knotty,
Is worthy to wield both outside and at home,
At home to protect you against wrathful neighbours,
Outside to ward off mangy mad dogs who roam.

A cane in appearance could be fair or be ugly,
It’s useful indeed for some other events,
You need it to beat all the dust from your handbags,
Or knock on the door when no buzzer’s present.


A cane is a requisite for a policeman,
Is prized by a warden in prison cells damp,
A cane was once held by Apostle Saint Peter,
And once by blind Homer deprived of a lamp.


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