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Poem by Kumrie Avdyl Shala 

Even if God separated the sexes,
he did not divide the human brain,
He has not shared his emotions, feelings or desires.
I say that he shared the weight, and he gave it to the man as a gift.

While he left the heavy burden to the woman to create the man,
to fill the world with good and righteous souls.

Creatures worthless to mankind.
And the value for them is only money and lust.
If you think that the woman is “shallow” you are wrong, if you think that the woman only needs the man and here you are wrong.
Because the woman is the one who creates the man,
Life gave meaning to the world.
You, man who is strong,
with muscles, and if you try to rule the world with money, to humiliate and defile women, you are wrong.


Because the woman is heavenly, in the hand of the great God.
It is not you who protects her, but her innocence and angelic nature.

You forgot that women tear every part of their body for you, without making a sound, without complaining.
He always kept silence and fear in his bosom, to cover your ego.

The woman is strong, she lives in the hope that one day you will become a man with an identity. And not humble of lust,
That other women kill…


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