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You are for the nation, man of the soil
You are for the land
You are for the Country man of life
You are born winding the sky,
In the words of rain
soaked every day
Eternal whisper in your voice

You opened the fragrant flowers of life

They are the ones who are in heaven.
You are Bhupenda for us,
How can we write about you today,
Our secret pain without you,
I can’t write anything
How do you write!
Be that song,be the tune
Happiness and sorrow ,laughter and tears
The words!
The song still plays silently today
Gun Gun Gun Gun!
You built a fortress in our hearts
As there is no sunny house
You also didn’t have it, either. Writing the songs in green ink
You wanted the colors of the earth to be normal.
Those songs you sing
Those things you say
I’ve carefully wrapped it up
Forever and ever
Let it be astronomical
You sow the beauty of the sun.
O shameless mountain,
O dry mountain
Let’s slow down a little
If he comes, let him come
Stop in O luit for a moment
Let him sit on your lap for a while.
If you sing, sing again
That melodious song,
He is also Bhupen Da for us
The life of the soul.


Translator: Rajeshri Senapati Gogoi


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